I started Studios FUSE after seeing how amazing concepts like WeWork, Phoenix Salon Suites, and other co-working spaces were functioning. Sharing common areas and giving consumers a healthy lifestyle community space to hang out, chill out, workout and celebrate friends was my goal.

Studios FUSE is an amazing collection of boutique fitness studios with expert owners who share a passion for helping people look, live and feel their best.


"The California lifestyle has given me the inspiration to create Hang 5 Fitness.  Just thinking about the California sunshine gives me the strength, energy and nourishment my soul needs to unplug, align and be fully balanced in my life. With more than 35 years in the fitness industry, I am grateful to share my experiences.

"As I am getting older, I understand the importance of staying active and quieting the mind with a sense of adventure. The surfboards provide that core foundation for balance. The barre aides in alignment and posture.  Blend in Yoga which pushes and pulls the muscles of the body to become lean then all you need is a little chill  time to unplug."​

Andrea has had more than 500 TV appearances including, NBC Today Show, Steve Harvey, GMA, CBS, WGN, NBC, and FOX Chicago as well as a contributor to, More Magazine, Reuters Health Report among others and a best-selling book, "Naked Fitness", VanGuard Press.
She is certified  group fitness & personal trainer thru NASM, ACE, ISCA, ESA and a fitness Pro with American Council on Exercise. A certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Specialist with ACE & CHEK, she was runner up for IDEA Trainer of the Year, 2008 as well a nationally recognized speaker and presenter for her inspiring talks about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with 16 Ovarian Cancer survivors.
She is the founder of Studios FUSE, the first fitness collaborative located in Chicago, Health Inspired Events,  and Hang 5 Fitness : Surf, Yoga, Barre & Reformer Pilates.


We are four unique fitness studios that will provide the greatest workouts  with luxury amenities. We are building a community for movement, nourishment, celebration and growth of its participants.

Shared resources help reduce carbon footprints, costs and create a better value for the consumer while providing a space to belong.



People who believe in being their best self focusing on exercise, health, nutrition while creating meaningful relationships. The group experiences create an energy that is contagious and provides a framework for success.